Trees Shaping and Arborsculpture: Making Live Art from Trees

Have you ever seen a tree shaped so fantastically you stopped to wonder how it happened? Some shapes are so wonderful that you have to stare; trees made into chairs, peace signs, and even whole houses. That is tree shaping at work. Tree service long island companies can make these wonderful shapes and make your garden a living gallery.

Tree Service Long Island

Ancient art

Tree shaping is now a new art. It has been done by different societies for a long time. The Khasa people of India for example fused together trees to make bridges from live trees. Some tribes in the Middle East made live tree houses that were as tall as three stories.  It has also been a religious art in Japanese society for long as seen in intricate tree art in Japanese monasteries.


Tree shaping involves shaping, bending, grafting and training of trees to form deliberate shapes. This is done in different ways;

  • Gradual shaping – Training tree saplings into a shape as they grow
  • Arborsculpture – This is bending mature trees into a shape and holding the tree until the shape is cast
  • Aeroponic culture – Using living, air suspended tree roots to make shapes

Gradual shaping is the easiest to do of the three. Growing trees are like growing animals and can be easily bent and shaped.


Tree trimming long island companies prefer this method for mature but young trees.  This method can be done by several techniques;

  • Espalier – This involves training methods like tying and staking in a certain direction so that stems and shoots can grow in that direction.
  • Joining /grafting – Two living parts of different trees or a single tree are joined so that they form a single part as new wood material grows.
  • Bonsai and topiary – This involves binding and tying to encourage specific growth patterns.

Popular sculpture trees

The best results are achieved from trees with moderate growth. Saplings that are 6-8 feet tall are ideal. The best species are;

  • Oak
  • Weeping willow
  • Cork elm
  • Cherry
  • Japanese maple
  • Alder


Tree removal long island services doing tree shaping can make a variety of shapes depending on your tastes.  You will need patience but the results are worth it. Contemporary tree sculptors are able to make very interesting shapes like items of furniture, human figures, and abstract shapes and so on.  You are only limited by your imagination in this fantastic art.

I really hope you are enjoying this blog. If you have any suggestions, hit me up.