Mold Testing Necessary to Detect Basement mold in NYC

Having Problems with Basement Mold?

Mold in the basement is a headache for many house owners. The damp and dark conditions in the basement are ideal for mold growth. Basements are at risk of flooding as water drains if not properly drained. Mold is an organism that grows and multiplies if the conditions remain right. Mold testing New York City experts say that the most common cases of mold problems in households start in the basement. Getting rid of basement mold and preventing further growth can be done by simple means that cost little.


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Getting an Oil Tank Installation after a Removal in New York?

Should you have a New Oil tank removal and installation in New York?

Are you looking to install a new oil tank? (For more info click here This could be you are replacing the older one for a bigger one, or you are doing a new installation. Oil tanks are some of the most regulated installations by the authorities. This is understandable seeing as it is that an oil tank is a fire hazard, especially in a built-up residential area. The requirements to meet when doing a new oil tank installation and the costs involved will be higher than when doing a replacement unless you are moving the oil tank to a different part of the home.


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Heating Repair in Long Island Made Easy

For easier Heating Repair in Long Island, why not opt for a Smart Heating System in your Home?

Heating & air conditioning systems have been around in one form or another since the early 1900s. However, true changes in HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) units started to be starting the 1980s. The microchip brought on more controls which meant HVAC units could do more.

HVAC service Long Island professionals ( say that today’s heating are so smart that they can heat specific rooms at specific times. These systems can be programmed with varying options that could only be dreamt about 10-15 years ago.

Heating Repair Long Island NY

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Trees Shaping and Arborsculpture: Making Live Art from Trees

Have you ever seen a tree shaped so fantastically you stopped to wonder how it happened? Some shapes are so wonderful that you have to stare; trees made into chairs, peace signs, and even whole houses. That is tree shaping at work. Tree service long island companies can make these wonderful shapes and make your garden a living gallery.

Tree Service Long Island

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How to Examine Septic and Cesspool Tanks Properly and Safely

Septic and cesspool tanks can leak and clog up leading to malfunction. These tanks hold all manner of waste both organic and inorganic. Most causes of problems for these tanks come from introduction of non-biodegradable material which can clog the system and lead to quick fill up.  Concrete and plastic tanks can also leak from breakage, while steel tanks are wont to rot away at the bottom. This is why the proper cesspool maintenance is important.

cesspool maintenance

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